Welcome to Senrima, where entertainment is without limits!

Our mission:

We founded Senrima Team to provide unique forms of entertainment to our supporters. We have already collected a handful of ideas – some of which are already in progress, in fact two projects are almost ready for showcasing. In the beginnings, we aim to fulfill entertainment demands that were formulated by our acquaintance base, but have not been implemented yet.

Our plans and current projects:

Recently we started to work on projects such as designing board games, developing desktop and mobile games as well as apps. Of course, we are open to any feedback that helps us creating unique games.

Our mottos:

  • You cannot get old enough to stop having fun. We provide entertainment for every age group.
  • Playing cards and board games is not outdated, they’re just more personal ways of gaming.
  • Any game can be fun, that has a goal and brings a sense of accomplishment to the player.

If you like playing in any form, follow us – at Senrima, there’s always a new thing under the sun!

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